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Caves Murghaneira

Murganheira Riserva, Bruto Metedo Tradicional

Murganheira Riserva, Bruto Metedo Tradicional

Tavora Varosa - Portugal


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Founded over 60 years ago, Murganheira has long been harmonizing the gifts of Mother Nature with time-honored winemaking traditions, establishing itself as a premier producer of wines and sparkling wines renowned both nationally and internationally. With approximately 30 hectares of its own vineyards and meticulous oversight of over 1,000 hectares belonging to associate grape suppliers, Murganheira ensures strict control over its grape sources. Equipped with state-of-the-art winemaking technology, Murganheira selects only the finest grape varieties to undergo its stringent winemaking processes, which adhere to ancestral techniques refined over time. Experienced professionals oversee every aspect of production, leveraging advanced technology while honoring winemaking expertise that traces back to medieval traditions, possibly influenced by the practices of the Cistercian Monks.Murganheira's wines and sparkling wines mature in its distinctive blue granite cellars, renowned symbols of the organization. These cellars provide an ideal environment for wine aging, ensuring the development of genuine flavors that enthusiasts have come to appreciate. The culmination of the process involves a unique technique known as "Dégorgement à la Volée," a manual fermentation removal process that is unparalleled in the country.

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